From Students

Zhang Yuqing
Oxford University, UK (Sep, 2006)
"In such an elite university, my peers here in Oxford are all top students. It left me a huge distance from my expectations the first days I came here, since I realized that I was no longer the best. However, later it came to me that I was no worse than anyone else, for I was also the chosen one. As long as I keep trying, I’ll progress and finally overcome myself."

Wu Shiyu
Hugh McRoberts Secondary School, Canada (Sep.2009)
"Someone’s succeeded while someone’s given up. What you will be all depends on what you want to be. All difficulties will be got over with some day, if only you tried."

Luo Wei
Gunston Day School, US (Jan.2007)
"Studying aboard riches and colors my life experience as well as helps me to know myself. I feel thankful for Shinyway International and especially for my consultant, Ms Yao, who helped me a lot, so that I could have set goals of each phases."

Chen Hongyi
Trinity Grammar School, Australia (Oct.2008)
"I’d like to thank Shinyway International for giving me the opportunity to see the outside world and thank my beloved parents for their support. To study abroad would not help you to escape from challenges; rather, it is full of challenges, which I prefer. I have a long way to go."

Wu Haixing
University of Queensland, Australia (Feb.2008)
" What I’ve learned most from the experience of studying abroad is to face the life independently and deal with everything all by myself. "

Jiang Shan
Pennsylvania State University,USA (Sep.2008)
"You'd better search for your own cup of tea when considering studying abroad. The major should be chosen according to your own condition. You can pick a major to learn for a certain period of time, and get fully acquainted with the one that is the most appropriate for yourself before you make the final decision. "

Zhu Muran
Montverde Academy,USA (Aug.2007)
"Deep gratitude for my parents and Xintong International who show me the road leading to studying abroad. On the road, some people are lingering, enjoying the scenery along the road; some people are strolling and chatting; while I keep running and advancing. Although sometimes during the trip I’ll get tripped over, I still believe in the miracle that happens in the story Tortoise and the Hare."

Zhou Liyou
Brighton College, UK (Aug.2007)
"Studying abroad builds a platform for me to pursue science and ideals. A feast of the British tradition and culture, it enriches my life."

Zheng Lin
National University Corporation Shizuoka University, Japan (Oct.2007)
"Life is to try."

Deng Pan
Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland (Sep.2006)
"Studying abroad is very challenging----it is to challenge ourselves; studying abroad is very difficult----it is to overcome ourselves; studying abroad is very joyful----it is to win over the real self and the world. Thank you, teachers from Xintong International. It is them who help start my journey searching for dreams."