For Students

· 360 ° security services
Shinyway International is the first Chinese overseas studies service institution which launches professional planning and support services for students’ future employment and offers commitment of 360 ° security services to customers in China mainland. The business components of Shinyway International establish a completed international service network, including language training, international cooperation programs, foundation courses, consultation, study planning, enrollment and visa application, overseas extend service, and job hunting guidance, etc.

· 1-1Education Advisor
Shinyway International creatively promotes “project leading system” for our students’ overseas study service, which requires a senior adviser to take full responsibility of a student’s education planning. Such a senior adviser leads a professional support group of experts in translation, documents collection, visa preparation and follow-up services, etc. Students only need to communicate with their corresponded counselors who can work with his/her team to complete all the related links of study planning, materials preparation and application procedures, etc.

· Test preparation
As a fine international education group, Shinyway International provides the Chinese students a full range of foreign language training and test preparation, including IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, SSAT / SLEP, GRE / G-MAT, French, German, Korean, Italian and English for Kids, etc. These sets of courses help students figure out their own level of aimed language and continuously adjust personal plan for any kind of language test.

· International Foundation Courses
Shinyway International Foundation School establishes a broader platform for a large number of aspiring Chinese students who aim to entre highly qualified international education. This school not only operates undergraduate and postgraduate's foundation courses of the Federation of Northern British universities and the University Union of Australia, but also provides "1 +3" credit courses of American famous universities. All series of courses have been mutually recognized by almost 30 universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

· International Joint program
In Shinyway International College, "utility" is the most important feature of college curriculum. The setup of courses in our college takes professional views and opinions into serious consideration, so that the education style could be particularly developed as an “ordered one” for students to master the advanced thinking model and the latest technical tools, especially on the aspect of information collection of brand new technology. Such an arrangement combines students’ studies with their aimed occupations closely and assists to achieve the final aim of “graduation = employment”

· Overseas Development and HR Service
Shinyway International especially promotes overseas development and follow-up employment services for Chinese students. When customers are doing the applications for study abroad or immigrants in China mainland, senior advisors and overseas development consultants from Shinyway will help customers create customized applications programs focusing on overseas living, learning and careers. After customers going abroad successfully or getting immigration status already, Shinyway overseas offices which are composed of senior foreign lawyers, accountants and other excellent officers will keep offering professional services for customers to purchase housing property, acquiring enterprise and human resources recruitment, etc.